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Tokenizz offers an intuitive platform for developing compliant and comprehensive tokenization solutions for both new and classic asset types. Almost any asset class may be tokenized by embedding the rights and duties of the asset directly into the token, and workflow modeling is available to fully automate the asset's lifespan across the financial ecosystem.

  1. Integrate effortlessly with any market infrastructure or blockchain
  2. Immediately enforce stringent privacy and compliance procedures
  3. Digitize any financial instrument using an agnostic platform for smart contracts
  4. Gain access to comprehensive modeling skills throughout the whole lifecycle of complicated financial products
  5. Achieve cross-network synchronization without compromising control and privacy

Determine if our process aligns with your goals. The answers to the following questions will aid in our evaluation of the possibilities.


Tokenizz Solutions allows financial actors operating in private markets to compliantly issue, transfer and manage securities using blockchain technology, enabling them to improve asset liquidity.


33 Duke Street, Westminster, London, W1U 1JY

(866) 471-5298


Tokenizz utilizes a proprietary distributed network for issuing on chain Security Tokens and interconnecting decentralized ecosystems allowing asset-backed securities to transact with minimal regulatory or transactional friction.

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